The 2017 Seneca Awards, presented by Audio Theatre Central is an annual awards show to recognize excellence in the world of family-friendly audio drama. The award ceremony was held Friday evening, July 27, 2018.

Jared’s epic score to The Trials of Saint Patrick won in the “Best Score” category.  The score features the world class talents of Sarah Van Der Ploeg (soprano) and Jessica Baran Surel (recorders and gemshorn) mixed with Jared’s massive orchestral score.

“The opportunity to score The Trials of Saint Patrick was a powerful and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  So many components providencially fell into place.  I had been wanting to write a Celtic infused fantasy-adventure-like orchestral score, there was Paul’s incredible script on this legend of the faith, Sarah’s location of a Gaelic translator and vocal coach, and the high risk decision to work overseas with Jessica.  There were moments of utter agony and extreme joy as this score came to life.  I’m so grateful to the entire production team for lending their talents to this project and allowing me to compose this score.”

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