Hidden Treasures

β€œ . . . these are two beautiful orchestral works, the first focusing on melodic Americana and the other one a combination of exciting fairy-tale stylistics and lyrical melody writing.”



Review by Randall D. Larson

Part One

``Among the better musical accompaniment that had graced some of these horror videos are those of composer Jared DePasquale...``


Part Two

``'I love all forms of music,' DePasquale says, 'I love the challenges that each style of music brings, and I love to solve those challenges.'``


The Hiding Place

“The music in this production is, in my opinion, what makes this a truly outstanding piece of work. Jared DePasquale composed some of the most beautiful and heart wrenching music to go with this amazing true story. The music also has a great period vibe to fit the World War II setting.”

At the Back of the North Wind

β€œThe composer’s vivid melodies and orchestral atmospheres provide a smooth, richly textured symphonic sensibility, beautifully capturing and conveying the personification of the North Wind with continually aerial, flowing, and soaring music.”


Horror Film Reviews

Reviews of Ancient Evil, The Frightening, and The Dead Hate the Living


Cemetery Dance

``Composer DePasquale... proves to have an aptitude for the kind of musical atmospheres that enhance these visual terror tales, and whose work frequently surpasses that of the films it accompanies.``


Rue Morgue

``It's soft yet ominous, heart-thumpingly dark and ultimately listenable on its own... Keep an eye on the name; once the majors discover this guy, we could be in for a great new wave of horror movie music... I have become a fan of composer Jared DePasquale, who manages to walk the line between old-school scores and contemporary soundtracks.``



``The music was quite good composed by Jared DePasquale which he brings fine adventurous classical style to the film and not typical synthesizer Z-grade music.``


“Jared DePasquale continues to write excellent scores for Focus on the Family Radio Theatre…he’s certainly succeeded in producing yet another fine score for a story from the Holocaust. There is quite naturally an overall sense of tragedy, with fine, sensitive string writing, and some moving, emotional swells.”


Jared is one of the most intuitive, instinctual, and insightful composers I’ve ever collaborated with. He’s capable of immersing himself into the emotions of a script and writing scores that augment the performances, without getting in the way or drawing attention to itself. One of the most innately creative people I know.Dave Arnold, Executive Producer
I had the opportunity to work with Jared on a couple of his music projects. I have always been impressed with the quality of Jared’s work, not only his production and compositional skills but his incredible guitar work. The fact that he is a “cool dude” is icing on the cake.Michael Omartian, 3 Time Grammy Award Winner, 17 time Grammy nominee
I have worked with Jared on a number of projects spanning over 15 years. He has proven himself to be detailed, organized, visionary and creative. His talents as a composer, producer, conductor and guitar player are absolutely first rate. He is a real pro and I can say that I’ve been proud of each project we have done together. He also has the distinction of being the only client that I have turned down Bruce Springsteen to work with. True story!Terry Christian, Grammy nominated recording engineer