The Trials of St. Patrick

Release Date : 2017

Written and Directed by Paul McCusker for AIR Theatre

Music composed by Jared DePasquale featuring Sarah Van Der Ploeg (soprano) and Jessica Baran Surel (recorder, Gemshorn, and Tabor Pipe).


2017: WINNER of the Seneca Award presented by Audio Theatre Central for “Best Score for an Audio Drama”. Click HERE to view.

2017: Nominated by The Audio Publisher’s Association (Audie Awards) for Best Audio Drama in the Historical Fiction category.

Staring John Ryes-Davies (Lord of the Rings, Raiders of the Lost Arc), Niall Buggy (Alien 3), and Sian Phillips (Dune, Clash of the Titans).

Prior to composing the score, Jared spent two months assembling a team that could bring authenticity to the music he would write.  Through the help of longtime collaborator, Sarah Van Der Ploeg (soprano), Maire O’Brien was brought onto the team to translate various texts into Gaelic and then coach Ms. Van Der Ploeg in this complex language.  The score also features recording artist, Jessica Baran-Surel, a master recorder, Tabor Pipe, and Gemshorn player out of Hamburg Germany that specializes in music of the Middle Ages and early Celtic music.  Jessica grew up in Bretagne, France, the Celtic region of France making her a perfect fit to this score.

“I’m not often left speechless, but the music Jared composed for The Trials of St. Patrick has left me unable to find adequate words to say how remarkable it all is.  Astonishing. Unsurpassed.  Words don’t do this score justice”.

Paul McCusker, Writer & Director

To listen to this award winning score, click HERE

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