The Hiding Place

Release Date : 2005
Label : Focus on the Family

Produced by Dave ArnoldHP.print for Focus on the Family

Executive Producer: Paul McCusker

Staring Isla Blair (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade), Alec McCowen (Never Say Never Again, The Age of Innocence), Henry Goodman (The Saint, Mary Reily).

Music composed, orchestrated, and conducted by Jared DePasquale

Music recorded and mixed by Terry Christian at The Sound Kitchen and mixed at The Soundhouse, Nashville, TN.


2015: WINNER, Reel Music’s 2015 Soundtrack awards, Best score, “Other Media”. Click HERE to view.

2006: Nominated by the Audio Publisher’s Association (Audie Awards) for Audio Drama of the Year.

2006: Nominated by the Audio Publisher’s Association (Audie Awards) for Achievement in Production (this encompasses the music score, sound design, and sound mixing).

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