Awake the Dawn

Title : Awake the Dawn: The Story of Advent
Release Date : 2020

Produced and arranged by Jared DePasquale, featuring Sarah Van der Ploeg and Jon Klinepeter

Recorded by Brando Triantifillou at Soundcake, Chicago, IL.

Mixed by Terry Christian at The Soundhouse, Nashville, TN.

Mastered by Tom Baker, Los Angeles, CA.


Jon Klinepeter: Lead and background vocals                                                                                                                                                                                         

Sarah Van der Ploeg: Lead and background vocals

Jared DePasquale: Electric, acoustic and nylon string guitars, Bouzouki, mandolin, oud, Baglama saz, sitar manipulation, keyboards,                                                     and additional percussion.

Brando Triantifillou: Drums, percussion, additional bass

Brett Simmons: Electric and acoustic bass, cello

Michael Omartian: Accordion, additional keyboards

Ronnie Malley: Darbuk, riq, frame drum, harmonium

Rami Youseff: Violin

Somerlie DePasquale: Oboe

Kim Sopata: Egyptian Nay flute, flute, penny whistle, low tin whistle

Anne Dufek: Bassoon

David Angell: Violin

David Davidson: Violin

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