Jared’s score to the reboot of the Jonathan Park Adventures received significant praise from Musique Fantastique, a blog dedicated to film music in the Fantasy, Horror, and Adventure genres.  It is written by noted film music critic, Randall Larson.

“Jared bolsters the adventure series’ scores with an especially sturdy main theme. Introduced by exotic patterns from ney and oud, the powerful theme propels itself forward from horns over a bed of strings and a scramble of percussion that suggests the galloping of camel hoofs. The melody line begins with a two-note ascending declaration which quickly forms into a provocative measure that carries the melody in a stalwart forward, up, and down jaunt that moves linearly and vertically; it’s quite captivating. Jared carries this main theme through a number of varied interpretations as the story follows the exploits of Jonathan and his compatriots. Maintaining a vivid instrumental timbre keeps the adventure fast-paced and fraught with exciting peril and eloquent compassion. The heroic French horns have a particularly resonant clarity to their tone and the dramatic orchestrations resonate with a masterful harmonic that is quite cinematic.”                – Randall D. Larson, author and film music journalist.

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