This past summer, Jared had the opportunity to score “Islands of the Four Kings” produced by The Wild Brothers.  This documentary / reality show is filmed entirely in Papua New Guinea where Morgan, Hudson, Kean, and Asher Wild have lived for most of their lives.  The documentary follows the boys as they search for clues into the origins of the Papua people groups that settled these remote islands centuries ago.

The score allowed Jared to create a pseudo-indigenous ensemble that fit comfortably into the scenery and story.

“Before I started to write the score, Morgan and I had many conversations about the music – and lack-there-of in Papua New Guinea.  Rather than focus on what isn’t there, we talked about the materials on the island, and what types of instruments one could make with those materials.  In continents like Asia and Africa, drum heads can be made with animal hides.  There isn’t any type of big game on these islands, so all percussion needed to be made out of wood or bone.  There is plenty of bamboo, so I was able to hire Sam Levine, who plays his bamboo flutes beautifully on this score.  I also melded a ukulele, fingered mandolin, and bowed bouzouki into the ensemble, and while not culturally accurate, Morgan and I agreed these instruments just sat so well into the story.”

Look for a Spring 2021 release of this film.