Go behind the scenes as Jared discusses the process of internalizing a story and then turning those ideas into notes, rhythms, melody, and harmony.  After watching these videos, you’ll see why producers and directors love to work with Jared as he completely immerses himself into the story and score.

Composing the Score to The Trials of Saint Patrick

“Not only is Jared’s score beautiful, powerful, and inspired, but the story of its creation is equally inspired and compelling.” – Randall D. Larson, noted film music critic and columnist for Musique Fantastique

“I’m not often left speechless, but the music Jared composed for The Trials of St. Patrick has left me unable to find adequate words to say how remarkable it all is.  Astonishing. Unsurpassed.  Words don’t do this score justice”. Writer & Director, Paul McCusker

Composer Jared DePasquale discusses the process of researching and writing the Celtic influenced score for The Augustine Institute’s Audie Award nominated drama. Jared’s score would go on to win the 2017 Seneca Award in the Best Score for an Audio Drama category.

Composing the Score to The Hiding Place

“Jared DePasquale’s dark and melancholic The Hiding Place captures the emotional aspects of the story’s protagonists perfectly, delivering a poignant score. ” – Alan Rogers, Reel Music

Composer Jared DePasquale discusses the process of writing the music to this award winning score for Focus on the Family’s powerful adaptation of The Hiding Place.

Composing the Score to Little Women

Learn how this iconic American piece of literature personally changed Jared through the course of the project, then hear how the character themes for Meg, Jo, Amy, Beth, and Marmee were developed from very personal experiences throughout Jared’s life.  

Recording the Score to At the Back of the North Wind

“The composer’s vivid melodies and orchestral atmospheres provide a smooth, richly textured symphonic sensibility, beautifully capturing and conveying the personification of the North Wind with continually aerial, flowing, and soaring music.” – Randall D. Larson, noted film music critic and columnist for Musique Fantastique

This drama received the award for “Achievement in Production” in 2006 by the Audio Publisher’s Association.  Learn how composer Jared DePasquale and engineer Adam DePasquale recorded this challenging orchestral score in 5.1 surround sound with the aid of Grammy nominated engineer, Terry Christian. 

Recording the Score to The Hiding Place

Composer Jared DePasquale discusses the various recording techniques used by Grammy nominated engineer, Terry Christian in their orchestral recording of the award winning score, The Hiding Place.