ADVENT: noun. The arrival of a notable person, thing, or event. The coming or second coming of Christ. synonyms: arrival, emergence, dawn, birth, rise

Awake the Dawn: The Story of Advent is a passion project that Jared began in the fall of 2011 and completed at the conclusion of 2013.  The idea behind this project was to create an immersive and meaningful musical experience that would engage and guide people in a journey along the arc of the events, themes, and questions of the Advent story (Creation / Fall / Redemption / Re-Creation).


Our story begins with the fall of humanity, the very moment that shatters the beauty and love of this world and necessitates the eventual birth of Christ. By the time our story concludes, the final song becomes our own proclamation, echoing the words of the prophets – that someday God will again return and make all things right in our broken world.

The amount of pain, destruction, and corruption in our world overwhelms us.  Regardless of our faith, economic or cultural differences, we cannot escape the world’s brokenness.  Will things ever be made right? Will life’s injustices ever cease?  Yes.  We are in a season of advent.  We await an arrival.  We can find peace in our current circumstances knowing we wait for an awakening of the dawn.


In order to tell this story in a captivating way, Jared created a “supergroup” which combined a rock trio with a small Celtic ensemble and Middle Eastern ensemble.  The band boasted the vocal talents of Sarah Van Der Ploeg (The Trials of Saint Patrick, Brother Francis) and Jon Klinepeter, as well as featured instrumentalists such as Ronnie Malley (Tony Award winning multi-instrumentalist on darbuk, riq, frame drum, harmonium), Kim Sopata Fleuchaus (Egyptian Ney Flute, penny whistle, flute), Michael Omartian (3 Time Grammy Award Winner, accordion and synthesizers), Rami Youseff (violin), and Jared DePasquale (electric and acoustic guitars, bouzouki, mandolin, oud).  The album was mixed by Grammy nominated engineer, Terry Christian.


The music of Awake the Dawn combines ancient hymns with original songs and places them in a musical style that is impossible to define.