“In November of 2011, I was tired of Christmas.  I was tired of what the advertisers said I should buy, how I should feel, and what I should be doing with my time.  When I looked around my city (I was living in downtown Chicago at the time) and country, I saw a lot of inequality, injustice, and many things that just weren’t fair.  I couldn’t just pretend it was the most wonderful time of the year.  My own personal faith felt at odds with the culture, the world, and many brothers and sisters from my Christian faith.

Many people don’t know that I took a break from music in 2007. But in the fall of 2011, I arranged an ancient hymn for an ensemble at my church and found that after years of being completely dormant in music, I actually had something to say.  I arranged another ancient carol.  Again, something came out.  I realized I was writing something, but I didn’t know what.”

Seven years after its completion, Awake the Dawn: The Story of Advent has been digitally on all music platforms.

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