Jared will begin 2017 by scoring Colonial Radio Theatre’s adaptation of L.R.W. Lee’s “Andy Smithson: Blast of the Dragon’s Fury” starring Arielle Lipshaw, Will Farfard, and J.T. Turner.  This adaptation is book one in the six book series, and Jared is onboard to compose music for the entire series.  To listen to selected music cues, visit the discography page and click on “Andy Smithson”.


3 thoughts on “Andy Smithson, Blast of the Dragon’s Fury

  1. Elisabeth 4 years ago

    Is it an allegorical storry like pilgrims progress?

  2. jdepasquale 4 years ago

    Hi Elisabeth – No, this story is purely fictional. It’s more of a fantastical adventure that’s fun and quirky.

  3. Elisabeth 4 years ago

    I see. Thanks.

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