Jared DePasquale

Composing the Story Words Can’t Tell

Film Music

Jared’s imagination was set on fire at a young age by the medium of film and his desire to be a part of the storytelling process through music.  For Jared, there is nothing more important than a story and the impact it has on those around it.  It is only through story telling that we begin to understand faith, cultures, morality, and each other.


Making Records

From the moment Jared bought his first record, he was a critical listener to the artform.  Those early years of listening to music from both an emotional and analytical perspective taught him to love the production side of music as well as the artist’s side.  When speaking about a favorite album of his, you may hear Jared mention his favorite lyric, musical hook, or artwork, then smoothly transition the conversation to the sound of the drums, the type of guitar being used, or the details of a mix.

Playing in a Band

Making music with people in the context of a rock band has always been a priority for Jared.  While he has played in bands over the course of his entire musical career, he had a special opportunity from 2007-2009.  Under Jared’s direction, his band Mission would give away 30% of their revenue (not just 30% of the profit) to fund humanitarian efforts throughout the world.  In those two years, the funds the band raised built two homes through Habitat for Humanity in Indonesia, fed an orphanage in Zambia through Spark Ventures, and provided medical supplies in the Congo through Heal Africa.


Apprenticing for Joseph Loduca

Upon graduating from Duquesne University with a Bachelor of Music in Guitar Performance, Jared apprenticed with Emmy Award winning composer, Joseph LoDuca from 1993-1997.  It would be here that he learned the business of writing music to picture, meeting tight deadlines, and becoming a professional musician.


The music industry and the deadlines it imposes can mercilessly wreak havoc on a family.  These are hard lessons that everyone needs to learn one way or another, but ask Jared about his wife and kids, and he will tell you that his love for music is miniscule compared to his love for his family.



Anyone who spends time with Jared will quickly learn that he is a passionate baseball fan.  While he is a third-generation New York Yankee fan, his love of the game extends beyond any team.  Because Jared is left handed, he found an advantage playing baseball as a youth and would play for much of his childhood.  His long-term goal is to visit every MLB park in America with his wife.