Jared recently completed his nearly three hour score to Audie Award Winning writer / director Paul McCusker and The Augustine Institute’s production of The Legends of Robin Hood starring Gwilym Lee (Bohemian Rhapsody) as Robin Hood.

The score took six months to write and produce and easily became Jared’s largest endeavor in his career.  After turning in the final cues, writer / director Paul McCusker had this to say about the score:

“Just when you think a composer can’t surprise you anymore, Jared comes along with twists and turns that elevate every moment of the drama and surprises us in the best possible ways.  From the most tender moments to battles of epic proportions, he handles them all with a musical dexterity and sense of innovation that always hits the mark.”

The Legends of Robin Hood will begin airing in late April 2019 with digital downloads and physical product being available in May. Click HERE to learn more.

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