Jared is wrapping up the scores on four of the six episodes for Brinkman Adventure’s 6th Season.  The first score is for a two-part story called, The Dutch Underground.  It’s based on the true story of a Dutch family who hid and transported Jews during the Nazi occupation of Holland.  The score reunited Jared with violinist, David Davidson, who also played solo violin on Jared’s score to The Hiding Place.

The second two-part story is called Free Burma Rangers, which is the true story of ex-Green Beret, Dave Eubanks.  David’s organization now focuses on the rescuing of civilians who are caught in conflict areas throughout the Middle East and Asia.  Jared’s score draws its influence from today’s modern superhero movies but also from some classic Jerry Goldsmith action scores.

Look for a late November 2017 release!



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