Jared has been asked to score six episodes for the upcoming Season 5 of The Brinkman Adventures.  He just completed his first two episodes and is currently working on a third episode.

The first episode of the new season is entitled, “Mafia Mania”.  In this episode, Anthony and Michelle are kidnapped while honeymooning in Tanzania and endure a harrowing escape.  The orchestral score is fused with African instruments and rhythms  to capture the location of the story.

The second episode, called “Lying Dinos” feature the return of RD the robot and the Brinkman family digging for dinosaur bones.  Visit the discography page to hear a new comedy cue called, “Chasing RD”.

The third episode, entitled “The Bookstore Bomber” takes place in Pakistan and allows Jared the opportunity to play his sitar on the score.

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